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The Basics
  • Take advantage of today's historically low rates and reduce the term of your mortgage note.  Generally, the lower the term of your loan the better the rate is!
  • See if you can save money with a different term using our mortgage calculator.
  • There are quite a few options to pay your home off faster such as a 15-year fixed or even bringing cash to close with 15 year or even a 10 year fixed.
Benefits of Getting Your Loan With Emmett Dempsey
  • Personalized service from one of Florida's top rated lenders.
  • Balance of online tools and technology with a human client touch.
  • Clarity of mortgage options and financial benefits through a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis.
  • Continued Annual Reviews of your mortgage and personal finances.
Frequently Asked Questions
When is it a good idea to refinance?

Reasons for refinancing your mortgage include a lower payment, a reduced term or getting cash out. Whether it makes sense to refinance your home depends on a number of factors. Do you have enough equity built up in your home? Are interest rates lower now than they were when you first got your home loan? Do you plan to stay in your home for many years?

What are the advantages of a shorter repayment period?

You will be able to save thousands of dollars in interest payments compared to a similar 30-year fixed mortgage and you will pay off the loan faster.

What are the disadvantages?

Your payment will be higher when you reduce the term because a greater portion of the payment will be towards principal rather than interest.

Give me a call at (772) 618-5058 for your free personalized consultation to see if lowering your term is right for you!

Do I Qualify?

To qualify for a mortgage, lenders typically require that you have a debt-to-income ratio of "43/49." This means that no more than 43% of your total monthly income (from all sources, before taxes) can go toward your new mortgage payment, and no more than 49.99% of your monthly income can go toward your total monthly debt (including your mortgage payment). VA and FHA loans even allow for higher debt ratios on a case by case basis.

Do I Qualify?

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