Helping A Vet Move Back to Florida
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Published on March 13, 2021

Helping A Vet Move Back to Florida

Happy Thursday!

Today’s testimonial is from a friend of mine who moved back to Florida from out of state with his family.  Cross country moves are stressful themselves, so helping my friend Jason and his family close their VA loan quickly with all the moving pieces is something I take pride in.

Jason and I played high school football together.  Embarrassing picture time:

football, mortgage broker

This is from 1992, when I had hair.  Fort Pierce Central’s last sectional final football team.  One game away from state championship.  Oh if I had a time machine.  🙂

I’m at the top right.  Jason is two spaces to my right.  He was the Center and I was the Right Guard.  Also pictured is Jerry Johnson (18, bottom left) who went on to play for the 1999 Florida State Seminole National Championship team and the Denver Broncos and now coaches at Texas A&M.

Florida knows how to play football.  🙂 Ok enough glory days, lol.

Jason’s wife was gracious enough to write a great Google review:

Emmett was a true blessing for us! He was very professional, detail oriented, and organized. Emmett went above and beyond making sure everything was done fast and on time. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services. Keep up a great job, Emmett!         

Such a great review and blessed to receive it.

I am glad I was able to help a friend move back to FL and help another fellow veteran with their VA Loan

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