Moving to Port St Lucie, FL – 10 Reasons Why You Should
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Published on July 25, 2021

Moving to Port St Lucie, FL – 10 Reasons Why You Should

Port St Lucie, FL – The City For All Ages

If you are considering moving to Port St Lucie, FL, then this article is a great place to start.  Port St Lucie is a great place to live and work.  Port St Lucie is my hometown.  I moved there when I was 7, graduated from St Lucie County schools, went to college and the Army and came home.  Now I raise my family here, so as a long time resident, I can attest to the many features that make the city great.

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About Port St Lucie

First let’s look at some facts about Port St Lucie.  According to the US Census Bureau’s 2016 population estimate, Port St Lucie is the 8th largest city in Florida with over 189,300 residents.  Currently it is the 8th largest city in Florida with over 189,300 residents.  Currently, it is the the 3rd largest city in South Florida, surpassing Fort Lauderdale’s population of 178,752.

It occupies 120 square miles in St. Lucie County on Florida’s east coast, about 50 miles north of West Palm beach, halfway between Miami and Orlando.

The city was largely a farm and fishing areas in the 1950s before the General Development Corporation (GDC) purchased the River Park development and 40,000 acres along the St Lucie River.  In 1959, the first bridge over the St Lucie River was built.  The city was incorporated on April 27, 1961.

Key Stats:

  • Population – 189,300 – City of Port St Lucie
  • Population – 313,506 – St Lucie County
  • Biggest Employers: St Lucie County Schools, Indian River State College, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, Teleperformance, City of PSL, Walmart Distro Center
  • Median Home Price – $209,000
  • Local Colleges – Indian River State College, Florida Atlantic University
  • Closest Airport – Technically the St. Lucie County Airport, however the closest International Airport is in West Palm Beach (PBI).

Now that I have introduced you to the City of Port St Lucie a little bit, let’s get into the 10 reasons why moving to Port St Lucie is a great idea.

1. The Weather!


Port St Lucie is in the Sunshine State, and there is plenty of that here!  The city features a warm sub-tropical humid climate.  The summers are quite hot with high temperatures in the low 90’s.  Growing up we used to be able to cook eggs on the roads.  That’s hot!  The winters are mild to warm with average temperatures in the 70s.  If you’re moving to Port St Lucie from the cold up north then this is definitely the place for you!

2. No State Income Tax


Florida is one of a handful of states with no state income tax.  That is a huge addition to your bottom line as an employee, and as a business owner it is a great recruiting tool to hire the best employees.  Many companies from all over the United States have decided to relocate their operations to Florida because of the friendlier tax environment.  In fact, Governor Cuomo of New York was just complaining that Florida is stealing New York Residents.  Yes we are!  Well, governor its not really stealing if we have a great business and tax environment that people want to live in.  After the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, many more people from other states moved to Florida and Port St Lucie.

3. Baseball! – New York Mets Spring Training

The New York Mets hold their spring training in Port St Lucie and they have been here since 1988.  They just recently extended their lease for another 25 years, and announced that after 2019 Spring Training, the facilities at the recently renamed Clover Field will receive a $57 million renovation that will be ready for 2020 Spring Training.  If you’re a baseball fan, then visiting Port St Lucie once a year should be part of your plans.

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4. Port St Lucie is Very Affordable


Living in Port St Lucie is very affordable when compared to other areas of the country.  If you look at the Cost of Living calculator, you can compare for yourself based on your income and local real estate market.  For instance if you live in New York and make $80,000 a year, you can live in Port St Lucie and make $41,000 a year and keep the same standard of living.  Also the median home cost in Port St Lucie is about $209,000 vs over $600,000 in New York.  That is quite a stark difference and a great reason for moving to Port St lucie.

5. Excellent local colleges, universities and public schools


Indian River State College has several local programs that can be done as dual enrollment classes, online classes or on campus learning.   Many high school students can graduate from high school with a 2 year associates degree.  In addition, the local St. Lucie County School system boasts 8 A-rated schools and has raised it’s overall grade to a B.

6. Parks And Recreation


The City of Port St Lucie has nearly 40 parks and recreational facilities and many are open year round.  You can view the interactive parks map to show all the locations of the city’s parks as well as the hours and the amenities offered.  You can also find instructions on booking pavilions for birthdays and other events.

7. Port St Lucie is close to the beach


Port St Lucie is within a short drive to Hutchinson Island and all the Atlantic Beaches.  There are also several parks with different amenities such as horseback riding, jet ski rental, fishing tours, etc.  Here is a link to a Yelp article of the 10 best beaches within driving distance of Port St Lucie.

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8. The St Lucie River – Excellent Fishing and Boating


If you’re a boat owner and/or a fishing enthusiast then look no further than Port St Lucie.  There are several boat ramps with access to the St Lucie River, and other entrances that have ocean access.  There are also several chartered fishing opportunities at the Fort Pierce Marina nearby.

9. Its a Golfers Paradise Here

Port St Lucie is host to the PGA Learning Center as well as scores of top flight golf courses for golfers at all levels.  The City itself maintains a golf course, the Saints Golf Course.  There are also several gated golf communities such as PGA Village, Savannah Club, St James just to name a few.  It truly is a golfer’s paradise in Port St Lucie.

10. Port St Lucie is Close To Everything


Major attractions in the state of Florida are only a short drive away from Port St Lucie.  Here are some of the drive times to various attractions according to Google Maps:

  • To Disney World – 1 hr 44 min
  • To Lego Land – 1 hr 47 min
  • To Hard Rock Stadium – Home of the Miami Dolphins – 1 hr 27 min
  • To Marlins Park – Home of the Florida Marlins – 1 hr 44 min


Well there you have it, 10 great reasons to Move to Port St Lucie, FL.  If you’re thinking of Moving to Port St Lucie, and want to find out your home buying options, start with finding our your loan options by calling me at 772-618-5058 or by clicking HERE.  I hope you join us here in the great City of Port St Lucie soon!

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